DeHavilland Ballroom & Latin American Dance Club Member Quotes Testimonials

The DeHavilland Dance Club has not only helped me (Teresa) to fulfil a lifetime ambition to ballroom dance, it has also introduced us to some new and really good friends. The addition of the Spring, Summer and Autumn dance evenings are also a joy; where semi-professional/leading amateur dance couples demonstrate their current routines. It’s very easy to park, inexpensive, relaxed, welcoming and informal. Ballroom instruction is carried out at a pace that suits even the most inexperienced of dancers.

We have done ballroom dancing evening classes and small tutorial groups over the years; but a club with general dancing, structured lessons and a bit of a chat, is just the right mixture. The opportunity to see young champions strut their stuff, live and close up on a DD club Saturday special, is one up on Strictly. We have managed some improvement over the last six years and have made friendships that have extended beyond the club evening.

We joined the D.H. dance club about ten years ago. We have seen a few changes in that time, not least, the move from DeHavilland Social Club to Onslow School. We have been dancing for Fifty odd years, first learning in our teens. We had a break of nearly Forty years, so were a little rusty when we started again. We have enjoyed the classes at the Dance Club and learning our skills all over again. We have met some really lovely people and have made some very good friends.

I started to ballroom dance when I was six, Kevin at 16, learning to dance was fun and friendly. Kevin and I danced together in competitions and if it wasn't for dancing, we would never have met and married!! We gave up for a while, then we came across the DeHavilland Ballroom and Latin American Dance Club, through some other friends who attended the Club. It's nice to see that you can dance at any age and it keeps you fit and your mind active. The ballroom instruction at the Club is kept up-to-date and is always fun and informative.

Having been members for nearly thirty years, we still get great enjoyment from our Monday evening classes; where there is a great atmosphere and excellent instructors. Not only does it help to keep you physically fit, it also keeps the "little grey cells" active.

Dancing has been my life since a child (Eileen) and I couldn't live without it. Having enjoyed the company of some of the World's best Ballroom Dancers, has kept me progressive and ever keen in my outlook. As Eileen's partner, I have been drawn into this wonderful world of dance and love it for it's art form and musicality.

We have been members now for more than nine years and in that time we have made many firm friendships and lost a few good pals along the way. We started with almost no dancing ability and have now got a fair knowledge of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing, mainly due to the kind perseverance of our Dance Instructors and excellent ballroom instruction. The social evenings are always a success and looked forward to by all the members. It would be a great loss to us if we could not look forward to our weekly meetings at the Club.

Monday night dancing gives us some much needed exercise and fun after a day at work. It's a very welcoming club with lots of help if you get stuck trying to learn the dances. The classes and the Saturday night dances are extremely good value for a venue so close to London.

We joined the club quite a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of nice people. Music and movement are very good exercise.

We have been coming to DeHavilland Dance Club for twenty years and we count our Dance Instructor as one of our dear friends. Not only do we enjoy the dancing, we have made lots of other friends and dancing is one of the best forms of exercise. A highlight of this Dance Club are the demonstrations where some of the world's dance champions  perform for us. Anyone joining this club is made very welcome.

We have been member of the club since 1979 and, although it has necessarily been forced to operate from different venues, it has continued to provide enjoyment of dancing. Additionally, we have made a special circle of friends, enabling us to go on dancing holidays together. Tuition by our Instructors has enabled us to keep up our Ballroom & Latin American techniques. We continue to engage top quality demonstrators to perform at the regular dances held.

Want to get away from the TV on a Monday evening, then we recommend joining us at the DeHavilland Dance Club. You can learn to Dance Ballroom & Latin American dances with friendly people. We find dancing is both enjoyable and active and keeps you fit.

A very enjoyable evening out which we find keeps us very fit. We have learned many dance steps over the years and look forward to our evenings out. We also look forward to the dances that are held every three months, which are a good evening out.

We joined the Dance Club to take up Ballroom Dancing from where we left off many years earlier. We enjoy the professional instruction and good company of fellow members. Our initial plans of Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot were more than achieved. The bonus for us, was to learn the Tango and also the Latin American dances. We always sleep well Monday nights.

The Club really gives us something to look forward to each week, improving our Ballroom dance skills in a friendly, informal environment. It also helps keep us fit and in good spirits and is a great combination of music, exercise and socialising.

We cone to DeHavilland Dance Club as it's a nice way to socialise and to meet friends and to improve our ballroom dancing steps.

My wife and I had already been a member of another dance studio but found that the DeHavilland Dance Club extended our opportunities to learn new dance skills and routines.

Don and I joined the Club nine years ago. Margaret and David told Sheila and Mick, and they told us. I wish we had known about the Club sooner and what I like about the Club, apart from the dancing, are the friendly people. I enjoy every evening and I think we are so lucky to see the wonderful dancing at the party dances, and at such little cost. When Don died, I was very moved by the cards and letters from members of the Club. In particular, a very kind letter from Betty & Roger, encouraging me to carry on dancing. May the Club long continue.

Oh what joy - oh what thrill
On the dance floor I show off my skill.
Despite quite an advancing age
I feel as if I`m on a stage.
I slide with my partner along the floor
No one has yet shown us the door.
I really love it, I feel good
My spirit is raised and so is my mood.
There are other dancers better than I
That doesn`t matter, as long as I try.

Ballroom Dance Timetable
January 2019
7, 14
21, 28
11, 18, 25
March Dance
11, 18
1, 8
Closed - Holiday
Closed - Holiday
3, 10
17, 24
8, 15, 22
5, 12
Closed - Holiday
2, 9
16, 23, 30
October Dance
14, 21
4, 11
18, 25
Xmas Party
Resume 06/01/20
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