Ballroom Dancing Class Format

The Club’s purpose is to provide entertainment and education primarily in Ballroom and Latin American Dance.

  1. The Club year starts from the 1st June.
  2. The Club will be managed by a committee of no more than nine (9) with four (4) being a quorum elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held annually in April*. The committee will appoint the officers (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and such other post as they think fit at the first meeting to be held as soon as possible after the AGM. Notification will be sent out a minimum of four operational weeks before the AGM asking for nominations and any items members wish to raise. Should a matter become so urgent that it will not wait until an AGM an Extra Special General Meeting (ESGM) will be convened (See item 12 below).
  3. Whomever was chairing at the start of the AGM will continue until the end of the meeting and at the first meeting thereafter. If not available then the Treasurer or Secretary will chair the first meeting until a Chairman is appointed.
  4. All members and guests will act in a safe manner and follow any instructions as they affect health and safety. They should also raise any such issues with a member of the Committee as soon as it becomes apparent.
  5. Members will be encouraged to join as couples. It will be explained that to do otherwise will give no guarantee that they will find someone to dance with.
  6. Guests will be able to apply for membership after their first visit which will be free. This is subject to a maximum membership of 150 after which time they will be put on a waiting list and contacted as soon as a place becomes available. They will be asked to complete a contact detail card on their first visit for our records.
  7. All members will be liable to an annual membership fee and entrance fee as set by the Committee on an annual basis and agreed at the AGM or an ESGM. Should someone become a member after the first quarter it will be reduced by 25% for each quarter thereafter rounded up to the nearest pound. Annual fees will be due on the first of June each year and must be paid by the last Monday in July. If the annual fee is not paid and no reasonable explanation has been received it will be taken that membership will not be required.
  8. Subject to Members being given first refusal Guests of Members will be allowed to all functions including the Christmas Party. Cut off date will be two dance nights before the event. Guests of Members to the Christmas Party will pay the current Monday night entrance fee.
  9. Members and visitors will be expected to dress and act in an appropriate manner not causing disruption, offence, unpleasantness or be disrespectful to others in attendance. (What to wear? Comfortable casual, firm fitting shoes, preferably court shoes for the ladies or a sandal with a heel strap, no slip-ons, slides or scuff styles. The fine stiletto heel for ladies are equally unsuitable. Leather soles are the best for both men and ladies. Don't go buying something before you come, just wear something firm fitting and comfortable.)
  10. Ideas or complaints must be directed to a Committee member who will raise these at the next committee meeting.
  11. The Committee reserve the right to refuse admission.
  12. ESGM will be notified by giving two weeks’ notice. It can be called by the Committee or asked for by a minimum of 10 Members.


*This may slip by a week or two depending on Bank Holidays during this period


Ballroom Dance Timetable
January 2019
7, 14
21, 28
11, 18, 25
March Dance
11, 18
1, 8
Closed - Holiday
Closed - Holiday
3, 10
17, 24
8, 15, 22
5, 12
Closed - Holiday
2, 9
16, 23, 30
October Dance
14, 21
4, 11
18, 25
Xmas Party
Resume 06/01/20
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Testimonials about our Ballroom Classes

We come to DeHavilland Dance Club as it's a nice way to socialise and to meet friends and to improve our ballroom dancing steps.

Paddy & Liz | All
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