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Ballroom Lessons for all levels plus 2 hours social dance

Some of our members enjoying an evenings danceOur ballroom dance classes start at 8pm and begin with a 20 minutes beginners lesson, followed by 15 minutes of free dance time, to help brush up on any steps before the 20 minutes intermediate lesson starts. The intermediate lesson is followed by another 15 minutes of free dance time, before finishing with a 15 minutes advanced lesson. Each dance runs for 3 consecutive weeks, giving you the opportunity to perfect it by the end of the third week.

If you are a beginner and don't feel confident about joining in the intermediate class, then you can relax in a friendly atmosphere, have some refreshments and get to know some of the other members. After the dance classes have finished, a selection of music is played until 10.30pm. .

We know that there will be times when you can't make the dance classes, therefore, we do not charge for a minimum sign-up period. Instead, you simply pay £5 at the door on the evening of the class.

Extra Tuition

If you are not quite sure about a particular step, then not to worry. There are a number of experienced dancers, including our Instructors, who would be delighted to take you through the steps in another room, adjacent to the main dance hall.


Although, the school offer light refreshments, you can also bring your own, if you wish. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are all 50p. Toasted sandwiches are £1.50.


There is ample seating available and situated to the right of the dance hall. If this is your first time, you will be warmly welcomed at the door. We are a very friendly club and, most likely, most of the members will introduce themselves to you throughout the evening.

Ballroom Dance Timetable
January 2018
8, 15
22, 29
12, 19, 26
Dance - rescheduled
5, 12
Spring Dance
9, 16
23, 30
Closed - Holiday
21, 28
11, 18, 25
2, 9, 16
23, 30
13, 20
10, 17, 24
1, 8
Autumn Dance
22, 29
12, 19, 26
3, 10
Xmas Party
Resume 08/01/18
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Testimonials about our Ballroom Classes

We joined the Dance Club to take up Ballroom Dancing from where we left off many years earlier. We enjoy the professional instruction and good company of fellow members.

Our initial plans of Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot were more than achieved. The bonus for us, was to learn the Tango and also the Latin American dances. We always sleep well Monday nights.

Sheila & Alan | All
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