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Ballroom Dancing for over 36 years

Ballroom dancing HertfordshireThe DeHavilland Ballroom & Latin American Dance Club is one of Hertfordshire’s longest running Dance Clubs and was formed on the 23rd September 1975 by employees of Hawker Siddeley Aviation (click here for pictures). In fact, thirty six years on, many of our founding members are still with us today, enjoying new dance steps, meeting new people and enjoying the unique, social aspect of our club.

Our early dance evenings were held in the rather salubrious surroundings of the Senior Staff Restaurant, no less, before moving to the Upper Staff Canteen as membership quickly grew. With over 6,000 employees at their Hatfield plant, you can imagine the Upper Staff canteen was no ordinary room and there was ample space for our 100 plus membership at the time. In fact, there was such a demand to learn Ballroom Dancing within the company, the Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Division also had their own dance evenings at the Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Club in Hatfield.

The burgeoning club atmosphere within the company, prompted Hawker Siddeley to build their own Sports Club in September 1976 and promptly named it the DeHavilland Sports & Social Club, in recognition of some of it’s earlier roots.

Although from time to time we were based at other temporary addresses due to club refurbishments, Woolmer Green Village Hall being one, we remained at the DeHavilland Sports Club for nearly thirty three years until June 2009. Quite an achievement, don’t you think?

A long and successful history

In that period, the club went through many changes and challenges: the merger in 1977 of Hawker Siddeley and other Aviation companies into what became, British Aerospace (click here for pictures); the closure in 1993 of British Aerospace in Hatfield; and the creation of the Hatfield Business Park, with ownership of the DeHavilland Sports Club changing to the University of Hertfordshire. Throughout all this time, our membership remained at an all time high and is something we were very proud of.

Unfortunately, it was due to the expansion of the University and it’s greater demands for space that, eventually, forced us to make the choice of either, moving to a new venue or cancelling some of our dance evenings due to the DeHavilland Sports Club not being available. The decision was an easy one, as you would expect.

We moved to our new home, Onslow St Audrey's School in Hatfield, in June 2009 and believe it is one of the best decisions we have made in our long history.

There is ample parking. The staff go to great efforts to make us feel welcome. The room can easily cater for one hundred plus people. Members can bring their own refreshments (to keep their dance costs to an absolute minimum). The school, unfailingly, also arranges refreshments at very competitive prices (proceeds go towards buying new books for the school etc); and finally, we are able to plan a whole years dancing in advance.

Adapting to change and keeping our core values

So we guess this brings us to the present day. Although we have undergone many changes over the years, incredibly, the club has always retained it’s core identity and what made it a big hit with members; mainly, a club that has always managed to strike the right balance between Ballroom Dance tuition and the social benefits of Ballroom Dancing.

So, if you are keen on learning Ballroom Dancing and enjoy meeting people, then why not give us a try and experience a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Ballroom Dance Timetable
January 2019
7, 14
21, 28
11, 18, 25
March Dance
11, 18
1, 8
Closed - Holiday
Closed - Holiday
3, 10
17, 24
8, 15, 22
5, 12
Closed - Holiday
2, 9
16, 23, 30
October Dance
14, 21
4, 11
18, 25
Xmas Party
Resume 06/01/20
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Testimonials about our Ballroom Classes

We come to DeHavilland Dance Club as it's a nice way to socialise and to meet friends and to improve our ballroom dancing steps.

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